Studio Rates:

 $60 / hour - general rate

 $420 / 8 hour block*

 $500 / 10 hour day block*

 $600 / 12 hour block*

*blocks must be used in the same day - they CANNOT be split into separate sessions/days.

Booking + Cancellation Policy:

Deposits are not required unless a substantial amount of time is booked, in which case half of the session time must be paid in advance. If you are unable to make a session, please call to cancel ASAP. If cancellation is made less than 24 hours before the scheduled start time, you will be charged for your session a dollar amount relative to the amount of time that was booked. For example, if you were to cancel an eight-hour session the day it was scheduled – you will be charged $420 just as if you were here. Although this may seem harsh, consider that with proper notice the wasted time could have been rebooked with other important projects, thus avoiding costly studio downtime. Furthermore, you will not be allowed to book additional time or return to the studio to record until the debt is paid in full.


Payment is required at the completion of the scheduled session. DO NOT SHOW UP FOR A SESSION YOU DON'T INTEND TO PAY FOR. If you think there may be an issue (i.e. you don't have enough money) please tell me before the session begins - not after. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL ANY ROUGH MIXES, FINAL MIXES, OR SESSION FILES BE ISSUED TO CLIENTS WITH OUTSTANDING BALANCES. In addition, any future sessions that had been previously booked will not be guaranteed. To put it simply - I will give away your studio time to other artists who are willing to pay on time.

Master Recording Backups:

I currently do not charge clients any additional fees to archive sessions at the studio. When a project is completed I will make a backup copy of the entire Pro Tools session file and keep it in a safe place. Generally speaking, ANY WORK THAT IS DONE HERE WILL ALWAYS BE SAVED INDEFINITELY - I DO NOT THROW ANYTHING AWAY. In addition, I keep three copies of current unfinished projects on various backup drives in the case of computer failure etc... (I learned the hard way that one or even two backups is not enough) However, I can't fully guarantee that I'll always have the time or hard disc space to back up every single session on a daily basis. Therefore, WONKA SOUND CANNOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR LOST PROJECTS DUE TO MACHINE MALFUNCTION. If this is a concern to you (IT SHOULD BE!!!) - ask me to make a copy of the Pro Tools files for you to take home at the end of your session. (If I make you a copy - this doesn't mean I'm going to erase them here - I WILL ALWAYS HAVE THEM! - the backups you take home are purely for safe keeping) Although this might cost you extra time and money depending on how you choose to backup the files, it will save you a lot of grief in the slim chance that there is a complete Wonka meltdown. TAKE HOME YOUR OWN COPIES OF SESSION BACKUPS!!! I REPEAT - I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR LOST PROJECTS FOR ANY REASON!!!!!!!